26 April 2014

The Birkenstock Conundrum

Do you ever browse through magazines and blogs dedicated to fashion and stumble upon a trend you can't understand and swear not to adopt?

I am having a situation and this situation is called Birkenstock.

In layman's terms, it's the ugly pair of shoes your grandfather wears with socks (or without if the weather is warm). It seems that post-modernism has reached its limits with fashion and nobody knows what to recycle anymore so they decided to raid your lambda 60+ grannie's closet and make Birkenstock shoes trendy.

Zara, 39.99€

To be honest what people wear is none of my business and I encourage people strongly to get a fashion style they're proud of and if you love Birkenstocks then more power to you. Honestly. I guess it's a continuation of the normcore trend : become so normal that you become fashion-forward. 

My problem lies in the fact that I will forever associate these sandals with my childhood and my family in Morocco. Everybody wears that kind of shoes because they're cheap and open (to let your feet breathe u kno) and perfect for scorching weather. But if you're a person of color like me and you are still close to your roots (I'm saying this because I've never heard a white person relating to this peculiar memory), you know that these sandals aren't only used to wear at your feet.

Granted those are flip-flops BUT STILL. Don't tell me you've never seen a pair of flying sandals!! I will forever associate these shoes with shoe tossing incidents. Which makes them irremediably unwearable to me. 

I guess some of them are pretty, which I can admit if I am on a very good mood and feeling compliant (do I even have to tell you guys that this doesn't happen a lot? The compliant part I mean). I've seen some cute pairs here and there but sometimes a woman has to stick to her word and I have some values (lol). I can recognize the somewhat aesthetic contribution that kind of sandals can give to your overall look but I am simply not ready to adopt a pair into my shoe closet.

TL;DR - Birkenstocks are a huge no-no to me. The summer version of Uggs. Nu grandpa hipster chic. Or nah.

What do you think of this trend? Do you have any fashion pet peeve that you cannot move past?

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